Here are Pat and I at Epidavros, the ancient 15,000-seat amphitheater in the Peloppenese. Truly a breathtaking experience. As former actors, it was important for us to see it. Turns out, it wasn’t about theater, but a place where people came to be healed. The amphitheater was used for mass gatherings related to health and well-being.

Pat and Joe - Epidavros

And here are the Karyatides, the mysterious ladies that hold up the porch of one of the temples on the Acropolis. This picture is of the original statues inside the Acropolis Museum, the most amazing museum that I have EVER been to, even compared to the Met in New York and LACMA here in L.A.

The statues that are actually holding up the porch on top of the Acropolis are copies. The sculptor gave the ladies thick, braided hair to stabilize the thinnest part of the statues: the neck.


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