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It’s bad enough being a compulsive overeater. What if you’re also a therapist whose patients are kidnapped and returned alive—but forced to murder others?

Val Moody left the FBI when Finn, the love of his life, committed suicide. He ate his way through years of grief and gained a hundred pounds. In a pool cabana in chic Santa Monica Canyon, Moody is healing and building a small private therapy practice. Then someone starts kidnapping his patients. When the first victim is returned, she’s been tortured, has her hair parted on the wrong side of her head—and is clearly not herself. Moody tries to help her but she kills someone. Another patient is kidnapped and returned—and murders someone else.

The LAPD discovers that both murder victims worked on the same Psych ward where Moody took his internship. So they tap his phone. Now he has to catch the kidnapper on his own. And not binge over it—even though he’s totally stressed. Moody himself is kidnapped and driven to the point of taking his own life. Only then does he unearth the secret behind the kidnappings.

A mysterious figure known as “the watcher” wants revenge because his mother, a patient on that same ward, killed herself while under Moody’s care. Rather than kill everyone on that ward, the watcher invents a much more diabolical plan: he kidnaps Moody’s patients and torments them into committing the murders. He also has a startling link with Finn, Moody’s dead girlfriend.


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