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The Dungeon

Keller’s girlfriend, Ev, takes a pole-dancing class with a black stripper and decides she’s gay. Then she wins the lottery! When he drives to Malibu to try to get her back, he ends up in a cage..

Kiss Them Goodbye

A city detective tracks a serial killer loose in a remote boy’s boarding school.

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A Craving

When Val’s girl committed suicide, he spent three years on the couch bingeing. Now, he’s clean and building a small therapy practice. Then someone starts kidnapping his patients. Launching Soon

Land of Disappointment

Short stories set in Los Angeles. Published in literary journals: Sliver of Stone, Crack the Spine, Sand Hill Review and Hobo Pancakes. Coming Soon

Double Man

An ex-nun is investigating a murder which brings back her own split-off younger self—who is being stalked by a man who doesn’t die the first time she kills him. Coming Soon

In a Child’s Eye

When a young girl is kidnapped in New York’s Central Park, and the police quit the chase, the parents who gave her up for adoption set out on the road to find her. Coming Soon

The Summer of Love and Death

Lucy thinks of the man she wants to injure. Not the one who just beat her up—but the man from her past. Why has she waited 30 years for revenge? Tweeting…

The Other F Word

Darkly humorous essays from out of this world. First published in Reed Magazine, Apalachee Review, Forge, The Tower Journal, Slow Trains, The Penmen Review, and storySouth. Coming Soon


Meet Joe

Joseph Eastburn lived for fourteen years in New York City where his parents met on stage in 1941. As an actor, he appeared in over thirty productions including A Study in Scarlet with Alec Baldwin at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. There, two of his plays were also workshopped—one, Heart’s Desire, featured three Tony Award-winning actors: Patricia Elliott, George Grizzard, and Donna Murphy. His play, The Godhead,  won the 17th Annual One-Act Play Festival at USC where he took his masters and taught writing for ten years.

His first novel, Kiss Them Goodbye, was published by Morrow in 1993, and HarperCollins brought it back into print January, 2016. His new book, A Craving, was a 3rd Place Winner in the Operation Thriller Writing Competition. And he’s writing a full-length noir on Twitter, The Summer of Love and Death (

Besides writing thrillers, plays and screenplays, his essays and short stories have been published in fine literary journals like: storySouth, Crack the Spine, The Apalachee Review, Forge, The Penmen Review, Slow Trains, Reed Magazine, Sliver of Stone, The Tower Journal, Sand Hill Review, The Sun Magazine, and Hobo Pancakes.

With his daughter off at college, Joe lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife, Pat, and their demon cat, Sadie. He still drives a beautiful old wreck of a sports car, vintage 1985.


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Theater’s Bawdy Beginnings

It tells the story of Harlequino, a black servant during the throes of the African slave trade to Europe, surrounded by the hypocrisy of a rich, authoritarian class who were satirized in the town square, as the program suggests, by roving bands of actors and musicians who functioned as the modern equivalent of mobile media outlets, delivering and commenting on the news of the day. That these Commedia characters inject opinion in the most outrageous fashion not only captures a period of European history (and the beginnings of theater) it also skewers our current gobsmacked American political climate of “alternative facts” and “fake” news.

The Other F Word, essays from a dark planet

The fun new cover for my essay collection. Created using free images that were given effects on LunaPic, double-exposed on Funny.Photo, then dropped into Cover Creator.   Save Save Save...


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